Living With No Regrets

Meet Malcolm (Alonzo Herran Jr.). Young, Black, and Living in America. Born into the rough streets of Newark, NJ he had 3 strikes against him when he made his mark in the world. Growing up in the projects taught him at a young age how to be a survivor. And a survivor he was. Hustling was an art for Malcolm and a hustler he was. Getting money was his thing, but with more money comes more problems. Roll with Malcolm and his crew, Ibn (Usman Sharif), Mark (Hassan Oliver), LQ (Malik Barrett), and Fredro (Raheem Ali) as they show you valuable life lessons and how you can never play the game because the game always plays you.

Rahim Ali ... Freddro
Marcellus Bishop Allen ... Drake
Verina Banks ... Verina Bank
Osner J Charles ... Ski
Jacque Dorsey ... Bartender
Terrell Griffith ... Oneil
Latisha M Hall ... Sandy
Alonzo Herran III ... Young Malcom 2
Javandre House ... Young Ibin
Najee Hudley ... Young Kil
Alonzo Herran JR ... Malcom
Javar Kemp ... Drug Dealer
Knero LapaƩ ... Clothing Store Owner
Calvin CJ Lashley ... Young Malcom
James Lyones ... Mayor Jones
Michael Malaszuk ... Cop
Kibwe Miller ... Kennedy
Hassan Baby Boy Oliver ... Mark Jones
James Parris ... Jermaine
Mekalia Reid ... Teal
Shaun Rey ... Detective Juan Garcia
Jefferson Sanders ... Jerome
Kwabena Sharif ... Lamar
Dominque Solise ... Cassey
Prentiss Thompson ... Malcom Sr.
Haneef Wofford ... Detective Ronald Patterson

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